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What is a"Wrap Around" Event?

An event organized in which the money raised by your team will go toward a specific event (Walk or Bike) in which you or your team is fundraising for. Some examples of "Wrap Around" events are bake sales, skip-a-thon and jeans day.

Please submit a brief description about your "Wrap Around" event to Emily Borsetti, Coordinator of Teams at or 732-660-1005 x44322. Please include event name, location, time, contact info, costs/fees to participate and team name too.

"Wrap Around" event information will be posted on the Captains' Corner website - If you are on a team you will also receive a monthly email with all of the events that are being hosted.

Have questions? Contact Emily Borsetti, Coordinator of Teams at 732-660-1005 x44322 or

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